Marvel Future Fight – The Good And Bad

Today, we are going to be talking about Marvel Future Fight game app and mainly about its premium in app purchases and whether or not they are required in order to play the game without any frustrations. The premium currency of this game is known as crystals which are used to buy upgrades or new superheroes or characters. Out of all of these crystals, the blue crystal is of the most value. You can buy these crystals at maximum amount or quantity of 5,500 which costs about $99.99 USD. I have bought the highest package containing over 5 lac crystals of which I have used a fair amount.


But, are these were or I just spend money whereas I could use something like marvel future fight cheats and save money. Well, only the time and further expansion of this review will tell the results. Future fight is actually a pretty nice game. There are three players that can fight at any given time in a stage on battle arena. You continue to fight using these characters and level them up eventually to make them even more powerful. The more powerful your superheroes, the far better your chances to win the battle are. You will also notice that when your heroes get more powerful and stronger, you will and the fights much sooner than you expected.

During the game progress, you will be collecting several items that will be used for unlocking the superhero’s new abilities as well as giving them with new weapons and equipment including some special powers. There will be also collection of biometrics that will be used to level up your superheroes and also unlocking a set of new characters which can be only unlocked by the combination of using this biometrics along with spending the coins.


Since this is a free to play game, it is pretty obvious that the gamers will think that they will like to spend some money on costly upgrades, which is true for most of the extent but for many other games. There are some costly affairs involved including pretty high cost of unlocking new characters. But ignoring all this aside, it’s all good.

Despite all of this, Marvel Future Fight is a really nice game to play. The characters are designed superbly well with rich, detailed graphics. The designers surely has taken a greater care in matching every outfit just like you would expect. The storyline is also pretty interesting, which is obvious since it is based on the actual comic series. The controls are also pretty responsive and great which is always appreciable.


Should you decide to not spend any money on this game, it is still a quite playable application. Even going through the free to play route, you will be able to unlock many nice-looking and amazing superheroes. Plus, I was still able to gather a lot of equipment including weapons, ISO-8 and lot more in game items despite not spending any money further in this game. And I am enjoying it a lot. For sure, it will try to get your attention and make you feel like being for the in game purchases but keep a good control of yourself and you should be fine.

Pou – Your Virtual Reality Pet Game


I must tell you that I love pets. And if you’re like me who like pets, you are going to love this new virtual reality game. The name of this game is known as Pou. Pou is about cute, alien pet acts as your virtual pet which you need to take good care of. The name of this game sounds familiar, because it really is. Pou does look like Pou in reality.

Virtual pets game have always been popular in past, in present and also going to be in the future. If you love this type of games and applications, Pou is a app that you must try. You need to take care of an alien that known as Pou in this app. It all originally is of brown color. Blue will get hungry from time to time and demand energy as well as you need to clean him to keep him hygienic. You need to also play with him and keep him clean. Doing all this things perfectly, you will get coins which are the premium currency of this game. It is a different thing that you can also achieve this using tools such as Pou Hack. Using this coins, you can buy different items that Pou will require from time to time, such as new clothes and a lot of other stuff.

When you begin the game, you will be allotted 5000 points, which you can spend on customizing your pet however you wish. This is actually what’s the most exciting part of the game, which makes you excited and keep playing the game continuously. Remember, you are also free to update the color of your Pou, purchase different kinds of clothes, wigs, shades and a lot of other items that will make Pou look interesting.

The graphics of this game are not very advanced and have been given a cartoonish touch. They definitely are not like any advance gaming applications you might have seen so far, but this is what is the fun aspect of this game. It is a virtual pet gaming application, so there is no reality involved. The simplicity is what makes this game very unique. The user interface, menu would do and, colors and other aspects of this game looks great. The sound also adds quite a nice variety to the game.


Pou is not just about taking care of your pet, it offers a much more variety of mini games that are built inside this app. Playing these games will also knew the premium currency of this game, which are known as points. Your friends can also visit Pou and see how it looks. You can also visit on the same time their pets and see who looks best. On unlocking several achievements in this game, you will be rewarded with some special items and stuff. You can also talk to Pou and it will repeat after you.

The game is very easy to play. If you need the Pou or do anything with him, you just need to drag those items towards it. Pou also grows like a real pet, so overfeeding him can lead him to be fatty. You can also use in app purchases to buy various upgrades to get various features faster and unlock more items.

This gaming app is very nice for those who loves pets and especially virtual pet games. It appeals to all, from teens to also old people. You need to however keep playing this game on a timely basis to make sure that Pou is fed on time and is taken proper care of. Not doing this will make the progress stagnant, requiring you to play for a much longer time to get those benefits. So, as you can see, this game is not for busy persons.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Battle Between Heroes



Game apps in the smartphone world getting inspired by other games of copying each other’s concept is not a new thing for sure. The same holds true for Marvel’s latest release, Contest of Champions which is very similar to DC’s Injustice that was released last year. In Injustice, you fight against DC’s all heroes while in Marvel Contest of Champions, as you might guess, you fight against all the Marvel heroes. Although I wish I could say that there is more to this game, but sadly there isn’t. Regardless, that is not a thing to be sad for. Instead of popular DC heroes such as Superman or Batman, you have Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, Iron-Man and many such popular faces from Marvel. We have seen all of those cool Marvel movies, so identifying and getting a grip of each of those heroes would not be very difficult here.

Similar to DC’s Injustice But With Marvel Heroes

The biggest unique factor here is indeed the fights carried out between heroes and heroes, instead of heroes vs enemies. It makes things so much more fun and interesting, adding it’s own twist and spark to the game. I was also able to beat down a great deal of enemies using some cool Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats and Tips. The graphics of this game are a real treat to eyes, butter like smooth, almost feels like you could touch the superheroes. The character design is also very close to what you might have seen in comics, thus keeping the game on it’s roots and making it look more authentic. The locations of fights are also designed well with animations included, giving a great cartoon movie like feel. The game controls are controlled mainly through screen taps and swipes for hitting and dodging to knock the enemy (superhero) down.


Less Variety

Still, this is one area where DC’s Injustice really does things well. It offers a lot of moves and variety to the fight whereas in Contest of Champions, there are limited set of moves and things to perform. In each fight, you have three super-heroes of your own team fighting with other heroes. This too, has one drawback. Unlike DC’s Injustice, you cannot interchange or swap between them during the game to play the character of your choice. This is the biggest issue or at least one of the biggest issues, I feel. So if one of your hero gets defeated, the game gets over for all, sadly.

The story-line here actually resolves much around to the original Contest of Champions comic released by Marvel in one of it’s early days of publications. You are essentially fighting with the team of heroes driven by Kang the Conqueror with multiple stages and chapters to carry out fight on. There are a lot of superheroes waiting to be unlocked. But again, no matter what hero you choose, it’s the same movements except the special superpowers which are recharged on basis of particular time. Except that, it’s mostly the same action sequences that each character will perform. This makes the game, even though unknowingly a bit repetitive, leaving you with much less to do. This leads for sure to boredom and less engaging gameplay.


As with all the latest games in app-stores, Contest of Champions is also a free-to-play game, allowing you the ability to spend money on in-app purchases and paid upgrades. These upgrades can range anywhere from upgrading your hero’s skills, refilling their energy to be able to advance to next level or unlocking the locked superheroes without playing the waiting game. Despite of this, what I like is that the game is not very pushy, forcing you to absolutely spend money in order to continue. Rather, it let’s you enjoy the story mode and play the maximum levels you want. It takes longer yes, but still it is possible to play without spending a dime.


Overall, though repetitive at times, it does offer some good gameplay, especially to the Marvel fans. You get to play the characters and superheroes you would always imagine playing with since your childhood. The free to play aspect of this game is also very generous, allowing you to make the maximum of the game without requiring to spend any cent. Similar Marvel characters just like the comic book and familiar story line resembling to the comic along with a nice background music following along makes Contest of Champions one of the nice games of 2015 to play on your smartphone.

Reviewing Spider-Man Unlimited – The Good & Bad


There are lot of endless runner smartphone games that are available these days on smartphones to be downloaded, both on Android and iOS. However, not all of them score A and are amazing and as exciting to play. But, there are a few games which turns out to be exception and stand out from the crowd. And Spider-Man Unlimited, the new Marvel game from Gameloft is exactly that, one of those amazing endless runners that has been making headlines in the smartphone gaming world recently. Even being an endless runner at heart, it’s unique features and gameplay is what made it stand out, as we shall see later in this review.

The game is well narrated and split up into two parts mainly. The endless mode and the story mode it is. The endless mode, just like the name suggesting allows you to continuously play and improve your skills and increase EXP while the story mode on the other hand focuses on the main story line of the game. The story mode consists mainly of the two villains – Green Goblin and The Vulture.


The running controls are just like any other endless runner games, left, right, up and down to dodge backwards. It does appear to be simple but there are different things involved during the different parts of this game. On one course you might be using you web to swing through the skyline while on the other hand you will be falling from top and fighting enemies along the way. These all are nothing else but great part of the storyline, making you feeling accomplished in a sense that some sort of progress is being made through the game. You always have option to use some Spider-Man Cheats, Tips or Tricks when you feel like you are stuck. To defeat bosses, which is the most hard part of this game, you will require some sort of special skills, abilities and power. You might also want to unlock some of the more stronger variants of Spideys.

There is also a leveling-up system in Spider-Man Unlimited, making you reach to some sort of level or “milestone” rather before you can progress further. This is where a lot of gamers might actually meet frustration. Each variant of Spider-Man will level up differently. So if you are playing a certain Spidey and have not meet the minimum leveling requirements for that stage, you will not be able to play that level until you retain and get that level. This is done through going back and playing the levels that you already played. Not to mention, take immense advantage of the Endless gaming mode as this is where it makes all the difference – get as much experience as you can and level up faster to the required levels in order to advance and play further stages. Fuse Spidey cards that you collected along the way, if the need be.


There game is definitely a total blast, providing variety of gaming experience and rich gameplay. But at the same time, there are also some problems that we feel should be pointed out. The energy system also exists in Spider-Man Unlimited, like most of the games you play these days. If you don’t understand the game basics pretty fast and continue to die and lose lives, it can get frustrating because you will not be able to play this game further for some time. Things are pretty lenient for first few levels, but after that, the gameplay does get aggressive. As always though, you can go back again to Endless mode and practice a bit more.

The game also runs into an issue of recognizing the screen tap moves, mainly the swipe movements required to launch and execute attacks. This especially happens in very crucial moments when it is almost a matter of either you or your enemy being knocked out. Though this doesn’t happen always, it will leave you frustrating and complaining. We do hope that Gameloft does fix it in the near future updates.

Still, even though there is some gunge-ho and problems, Spider-Man Unlimited is an excellent game developed by Gameloft. It certainly stands out at least very well in the endless runner game since you are not only limited to running or some limited movements, but there’s a lot of amount of things to do, costumes and variants to unlock, powers to upgrade and what not. Being fair, Spider-Man Unlimited has certainly appealed us and we are sure it will leave the same charm upon you as well.

Love Arcade Gaming? Then You’ll Love Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 – An Arcade Racing Gamer’s Dream Come True

Usually, every summer, you wait excitedly because it is either time for another new movie or just enjoying the good sun of summer. Or perhaps, these days waiting for the latest and kickass smartphone game, as the trend of releasing amazing smartphone games around the corner in summer have been heavily followed for the past two years. With that being said, Asphalt 8 has already made an entry to the smartphone gaming world. The full name of this version is Asphalt 8, the eight installment in Asphalt series after it’s heavily successful Asphalt 7: Heat. There is lot of new stuff that has been added in this version.


Understanding The Game Basics

If you have played Asphalt game (any series from it), you will have somewhat of an idea of what to expect at least. The racing takes place in a fast paced environment with exclusive cars and amazing tracks spread across various locations of the world. This is what you might have also seen in the previous versions of this game so this isn’t only what has been packed into Asphalt 8 because of course otherwise, it won’t be anything unique. There have been some improvements and new additions that are done in this series with different game modes, aerial stunts and similar stuff which makes the game playing experience a lot fun.

Like I said, the first major change in this installment of the Asphalt series that you will notice is it’s ability to do mid-air stunts and tricks. Thus is the name, Airborne. Every stage has such high flying ramps laid out on the roads at various places during the race which will help you in going airborne and doing the cool stunts. Using this and Asphalt 8 Cheats, you can increase your nitro stock as well as get more stars and points which are helpful in unlocking various new stages, cars and more other similar upgrades. The stunts include doing barrel rolls, spin-outs, often seeming like reaching out and flying amongst clouds. The gameplay and graphics are so good that I have yet to see any such graphics in PC, let alone mobile world. Leaping through the high bridges, racing on the under-construction roads, shaky mountains will all make your adrenaline pumping with excitement. It almost would feel like you are beating death each time you cross one of these shaky roads.

Advance Game Mechanics

Asphalt 8 Airborne is loaded with a lot of content and things to play or race, leaving you hardly with anytime to get bored or fed up with it. Different types of races also exist in this game including the elimination, knockdown along with two new and exclusive modes known as “Infected” and “Drift”. Drift mode is quite enjoyable if you know what you are doing. But my favorite mode out of these two is of course, the infected mode. What that mode means is that you or your opponent gets “infected” by a virus which will make your car go fast and talk with winds, allowing you to infect many other opponent cars on the way. However, if you do not lose this virus soon, your car is going to catch fire and eventually lead to blast, thus failing the level.


Unlike the normal and real world racing game, Asphalt 8 is completely different. All the fancy stuff which is impossible to do in real life has been packed into this game. But this is what it makes so much fun actually. This is the reason why I keep even playing the former stages again and again to improve my scores and driving skills. Asphalt 8 is needless to say, the best installment yet in the series of Asphalt game. With improved damage system and collision detection, it makes the game much more real yet fancy. The soundtrack also is complementing the game very well, I must say. If you are adventurous, plug in some speakers and let the fun begin and get lost into a whole new, amazing world!

Overall – A Pretty Good Game!

Back with the bang – this is exactly what I would say to Asphalt 8 Airborne. With the Asphalt 7, things were getting pretty common including the repetitions of the same elements and functions. But Gameloft did an amazing job at not just improving the game, but adding more newest and coolest things and making it the top racing game today in the smartphone world, even after almost two years of it’s release. If you love arcade racing games or even the real racing type games, then you absolutely should try to play Asphalt 8, it would not leave any opportunities to woo you. The in-app purchases are not very pushy to the users, but at times, it can feel like the need to spend money and buy the upgrades soon. Be patient and keep racing with skills, you will have enough stars hopefully to buy new upgrades and cars.

Thus, Asphalt 8 Airborne is an amazing game I would say and every racing game lover should at least play this once. I am sure it will get you hooked in just like it did got me!

Alphabetty Saga – A Treat To Language Lovers


We are living in an amazing world these days where there are new releases of exciting and interesting games daily, especially on the mobile platform. If you have been a smartphone user and gamer for a while, I am pretty sure you have not unheard this word before, King. Yes,, the leader in the world of mobile gaming applications. You have seen some pretty amazing game titles from King before – Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Bubble Witch, etc are just some of them to name so. There was one thing in common in them – they were all Match-3 games where you make pattern of 3 similar looking icons to complete an objective. But King has come up with something new, an interesting concept this time.

Meet Alphabetty Saga

Alphabetty Saga, what is it you might ask. It is the latest game released by King a few weeks ago where you match and join letters to make a word out of them. Just like other Match-3 games too, the amount of moves within which you are supposed to complete certain objectives are limited here. Although using alphabetty saga hack tool can help, if you are not playing smartly, things can appear to be going downhill. This game requires skill, but in a very little manner. The most important thing and your ability to win here depends on how well you excel in having your vocabulary knowledge.

What’s All This About?

There are different types of challenges in each level of Alphabetty Saga. Of course, with King, like you would expect, they make top notch games. You have no reason to be upset if English is not your main language. You can play this game in number of different languages. Solve and match words from languages such as German, French, Italian, Swedish and more!

One important element that you should look out for in Alphabetty Saga is “tiles”.  There are various colored tiles which has crowns molded on them. They account for the extra points so that is something you should pay attention to. The golden tiles in particular carries even more weight and doubles the amount of points for the matched word. Empty tiles are not of much use but they carry some level of importance regardless. On the start of each stage, you are required to complete a task assigned to you in order to make that stage as solved (completed).

Game Tactics

What you essentially do in this game is with your finger, link the jumbled letters together and form a dictionary word. The more the complexity of the word is, the higher amount of points that you are going to earn. Each level has defined some amount of score by default. On reaching that score, the level is said to be completed and you move to next stage. Each level requires you to collect what is known as “cheese chunks”. They appear on top of the screen and you are supposed to bring them down at the end of the level to complete the challenge.

There are also certain types of challenges which holds special requirements. For example, the word frenzy challenge will dictate the amount of letters you require to form a word. On the other hand, the Crown challenge are usually the ones which requires you to form a four lettered word.  There are also some perks of this game such as line blasters which was blast entire lane of the letters, thus making the challenge much easier.


In conclusion, Alphabetty Saga is a great pick for any logical thinking lovers and who loves letters, words and grammar in general. Like I said before, you would perhaps not enjoy this game if you were just to use your skills. A firm knowledge of language and words is also required here. With the right set of understanding, this game is a treat to the gamers.

Cooking Fever – Honest Review From Heart

So after playing cooking fever game for some weeks, I thought about writing a review about it. Despite being a good game I was at times being limited by what I could do. This was due to my inability to spend much money on the game purchases that this game has to offer. This is because I don’t like spending money on something as small as games. However there are solutions to this that you can use such as cooking fever hack which you can use to solve this problem. The game offers a rich gameplay experience. However if you are not prepared to shell out money on this, your gaming experience is pretty limited.

Touch screen controls of this game makes it very interesting and easy to play. Playing this game on a 5.5 inches phone might seem like a pretty good experience from reading but in actual it takes a lot of part of the screen for displaying the customers and their orders which takes most of the screen space. This makes the actual gameplay experience a bit bitter to my taste. This is mainly because your fingers are big and tap appropriate things on such a small screen and so the game playing experience is not very smooth in my opinion. As you can guess this can be acquired frustrating experience. It’s not a very big deal though if you are having a tablet it is better to play this game on it rather than on your mobile phones.

This issue might not seem like a biggest issue to some of you which I agree. Probably the big problem of this game is its premium currency which cost real life money to buy things inside the cooking fever game. After progressing for a while in this game my gaming progress came to a halt since there was not much I could do with the limited amount of in-app currency I had. The premium currency in this game is known as gems. While buying every upgrade that was possible from this currency I still could not get to 3 star level. There are few ways in this came to earn more gems but the efforts went futile and I did not on any good amount of gems despite spending a lot of coins on it.

Apart from this, other ways to earn free gems is by playing the same levels we passed again and again on a daily basis or wait for the bonus chance to be awarded daily. However, even after doing so much efforts you are not awarded a large number of gems and are made to wait days before you could get them. It would not be wrong to say that all my efforts went futile. This is when things started going downhill as my interest was lost in the game partly due to having to wait days before I could get my bonus and gems.

Not being completely biased however I would say that cooking fever is a good game at the end of the day if you are prepared to shell out money. Being free to download, I would definitely recommend on at least checking it out. This is my honest review of cooking fever game and thank you for checking and reading it out and I hope you found it useful.

The Latest Fantasy RPG Game Heroes Charge Is Awesome!

One of the latest fantasy role playing games that has been released on Google Play Store App Store is the hero’s charge.  The game is set into an environment which is much like the real world but where different kinds of game characters are present.  The game initially allows you to pick one hero character which you can then grow and enhance its power and strategies.  The game offers a lot of exciting quests and battles including the online multiplayer mode where you can play with your teams and fight other teams.


Online multiplayer games released these days provides a unique kind of entertainment to the gamers. Such kind of games allows you to develop or choose a new character which you can then grow to win the battles in the game. This very concept is what exist behind this game Heroes Charge.

Unlike other games that you might have seen, this game heroes charge does not offer many levels for you to complete. Instead, what you are supposed to do is to win the quests and complete the challenges offered by this game and win the battles. By winning these battles, you essentially rule over the kingdom you have developed. If difficulty seems too hard, one can always take advantage of heroes charge hack.

While the game may appear like a film, there are a lot of adventures and battles to fight in this game. You choose and hero and start with the basic set of powers and abilities. There are several characters available in this game including but not limited to Archer, Mage, etc. As you continue to fight more and more levels, your character grows stronger and you gain more powers.

Being a beginner in is game, it is better to start with the quests so that you can earn more points and you can make your character stronger. In turn, you can use this to earn more power ups and also unlock premium items that this game offers such as weapons, armor and various other skills.

When starting each quest, you have option to recruit more heroes you want. When you recruit more heroes Army of characters that are stronger and harder to defeat. Also, each character in the team can be upgraded using the power ups and the equipment such as weapons armor and lots of other things.

The game Heroes Charge allow you to select from up to 50 characters that are available in this game. The game also offers variety of battles such as multiplayer battles where you can fight against other teams you can also launch special attacks during such battles to make your team win.

Overall, I would say that the game Heroes Charge is a definitely must play for any RPG lover.