Cooking Fever – Honest Review From Heart

So after playing cooking fever game for some weeks, I thought about writing a review about it. Despite being a good game I was at times being limited by what I could do. This was due to my inability to spend much money on the game purchases that this game has to offer. This is because I don’t like spending money on something as small as games. However there are solutions to this that you can use such as cooking fever hack which you can use to solve this problem. The game offers a rich gameplay experience. However if you are not prepared to shell out money on this, your gaming experience is pretty limited.

Touch screen controls of this game makes it very interesting and easy to play. Playing this game on a 5.5 inches phone might seem like a pretty good experience from reading but in actual it takes a lot of part of the screen for displaying the customers and their orders which takes most of the screen space. This makes the actual gameplay experience a bit bitter to my taste. This is mainly because your fingers are big and tap appropriate things on such a small screen and so the game playing experience is not very smooth in my opinion. As you can guess this can be acquired frustrating experience. It’s not a very big deal though if you are having a tablet it is better to play this game on it rather than on your mobile phones.

This issue might not seem like a biggest issue to some of you which I agree. Probably the big problem of this game is its premium currency which cost real life money to buy things inside the cooking fever game. After progressing for a while in this game my gaming progress came to a halt since there was not much I could do with the limited amount of in-app currency I had. The premium currency in this game is known as gems. While buying every upgrade that was possible from this currency I still could not get to 3 star level. There are few ways in this came to earn more gems but the efforts went futile and I did not on any good amount of gems despite spending a lot of coins on it.

Apart from this, other ways to earn free gems is by playing the same levels we passed again and again on a daily basis or wait for the bonus chance to be awarded daily. However, even after doing so much efforts you are not awarded a large number of gems and are made to wait days before you could get them. It would not be wrong to say that all my efforts went futile. This is when things started going downhill as my interest was lost in the game partly due to having to wait days before I could get my bonus and gems.

Not being completely biased however I would say that cooking fever is a good game at the end of the day if you are prepared to shell out money. Being free to download, I would definitely recommend on at least checking it out. This is my honest review of cooking fever game and thank you for checking and reading it out and I hope you found it useful.

The Latest Fantasy RPG Game Heroes Charge Is Awesome!

One of the latest fantasy role playing games that has been released on Google Play Store App Store is the hero’s charge.  The game is set into an environment which is much like the real world but where different kinds of game characters are present.  The game initially allows you to pick one hero character which you can then grow and enhance its power and strategies.  The game offers a lot of exciting quests and battles including the online multiplayer mode where you can play with your teams and fight other teams.


Online multiplayer games released these days provides a unique kind of entertainment to the gamers. Such kind of games allows you to develop or choose a new character which you can then grow to win the battles in the game. This very concept is what exist behind this game Heroes Charge.

Unlike other games that you might have seen, this game heroes charge does not offer many levels for you to complete. Instead, what you are supposed to do is to win the quests and complete the challenges offered by this game and win the battles. By winning these battles, you essentially rule over the kingdom you have developed. If difficulty seems too hard, one can always take advantage of heroes charge hack.

While the game may appear like a film, there are a lot of adventures and battles to fight in this game. You choose and hero and start with the basic set of powers and abilities. There are several characters available in this game including but not limited to Archer, Mage, etc. As you continue to fight more and more levels, your character grows stronger and you gain more powers.

Being a beginner in is game, it is better to start with the quests so that you can earn more points and you can make your character stronger. In turn, you can use this to earn more power ups and also unlock premium items that this game offers such as weapons, armor and various other skills.

When starting each quest, you have option to recruit more heroes you want. When you recruit more heroes Army of characters that are stronger and harder to defeat. Also, each character in the team can be upgraded using the power ups and the equipment such as weapons armor and lots of other things.

The game Heroes Charge allow you to select from up to 50 characters that are available in this game. The game also offers variety of battles such as multiplayer battles where you can fight against other teams you can also launch special attacks during such battles to make your team win.

Overall, I would say that the game Heroes Charge is a definitely must play for any RPG lover.